Bob Meistrell: waterman forever

Bob Meistrell, co-founder of Body Glove, has passed away at 84.

Bob was hours younger than his brother Bill, who left the world of waves in 2006. The identical twins started Body Glove, in 1965. They wanted to stay longer in cold water temperatures.

Robert Meistrell was a passionate diver and, above all, a waterman. Personal submarines were also part of his list of hobbies. He even discovered a gold coin treasure in a paddle wheel steamer that sunk off Crescent City, California.

The twins lost their father, an investment banker, very early. He was murdered when they were only 4. The connection with the ocean comes after moving out to Manhattan Beach.

After buying the Dive N' Surf shop, sales of wetsuits rocketed when "Gidget", the surfing movie, makes its debut in 1959. After founding the company with his brother Bill, they never stopped working and sharing the stoke for water sports.

Bob Meistrell passed away aboard his 72-foot yacht "The Disappearance", near Catalina Island. He was trying to fix the engine for the Rock 2 Rock paddleboard race, from Two Harbors to Cabrillo Beach, but a fatal heart attack betrayed him.

Bob and Bill are two of only three watermen to be inducted into the Surfers and Divers Hall of Fame. Robert Meistrell is survived by Patty, his wife of 62 years, and sons Robbie, Ronnie and Randy.

"Do what you love, love what you do".

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