Bobby Martinez: preparing for the ATP World Tour

Bobby Martinez is preparing himself for a different Tour. The rebel surfer has talked with Todd Kline about his past, present, and future in the sports world.

After leaving the ASP World Tour on the New York stage, Martinez decided to train his tennis backswing, who knows, for the upcoming ATP World Tour season

And yes, calculators were also at the center of that funny conversation.

"I've been here playing tennis, trying to practice my backswing and my serve. I've been having fun trying to get back on Tour, on that new tennis Tour", says Martinez.

McEnroe just got his trophy taken away. Have you heard it?

"I can't believe that, yes. That was a little bit wrong on the ATP's part. I went to school, and we didn't have calculators, but math class, maybe you've f-----g people missed. Go back to school, please."

"What can you do except laugh? I'm surprised people from the ASP didn't check it, double-check it, and triple-check it, but I laughed because they f----d up once again."

Are you qualifying next year in the Primes?

"No way. What's the point? If I'm going to qualify, somebody will take my points, and I won't even make it, so I'm not going back on Tour until ASP knows how to run the Tour."

"You're never going to see me again. ASP: thanks for your f**k up. You've made me smile, big time."

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