Bobby Martinez: firestarter

Bobby Martinez has been suspended from the ASP World Tour. The US surfer has been disqualified from the Quiksilver New York and banned from all surfing competitions under the ASP flag after an interview conducted on the event live webcast.

"First of all, I'd like to say - and the ASP are going to fine me - 'cuz I don't want to be a part of this dumb f-----g wannabe tennis tour. All these pro surfers want to be tennis players", said Martinez.

"They want to do a halfway cutoff. How the f--k is somebody who's not even competing against our caliber of surfers ahead of 100 of us on the one-world ratings?"

"They've never been here. They've never f-----g made the right to surf against us, but now we're ranked upon them."

"Come on now. That's bulls--t. That's why I ain't going to these stupid contests no more. This is my last one because FTW, my sponsor, is here, and I just tell it like it is."

"This is my last one, and I don't like tennis. I don't like the tour... Who gives a f--k? You know what I mean?"

"I've been here before. I love this city. I'll tell you right now: if my sponsor wasn't here, I wouldn't be here for this dumb contest."

"ASP? They f-----g... surfing's going down the drain thanks to these people."

Bobby Martinez was notified by the ASP Rules and Disciplinary Committee.

"You are suspended from the ASP World Tour immediately. You will not take part in the remainder of the World Tour Event currently underway in New York City", reads the note.

"A Rules and Discipline Report will be submitted to the ASP Board of Directors to consider expulsion for the remainder of the 2011 Surfing Season."

"Your suspension will remain in place until such time that the ASP Board of Directors has considered the Report."

Watch what he said.

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