Brazilian flags raised in the first South American Beach Games

December 14, 2009 | Surfing

Brazil take the South American Beach Games in great style

The Surfing competition of the 1st South American Beach Games came to an end today, Sunday, December 13, in a true Olympic spirit.

The winners’ flags waved at the podium and the gold medal country anthems were played. It was a great surfing day, with waves reaching six-foot with good conditions.

The Brazilian Team was the standout, winning the gold in the two divisions held today: Aloha Cup and Air Show, achieving with this, three out of the four gold medals in contention of the entire surfing competition.

Gabriel Medina (BRA) posted the highest scores in the Air Show qualification heats and went to the final as the man to beat. Once in the last heat of the day, and after landing a massive aerial maneuver that gave him a 9.17 he confirmed why he was considered the favorite and jumped to the first place to win the gold medal. The silver went to Peruvian Matías Mulanovich and bronze to Argentinean Martín Passeri.

The Brazilian Team won the Aloha Cup by a large margin. Alejo Muniz (Power surfer), Jadson André, Miguel Pupo, Gabriel Medina and Camila Cassia did a wise wave selection and excellent time administration leaving the other three finalist countries needing a combination of waves to beat them. Peru won the silver and Argentina the bronze.

Once the event was over, the Olympic protocol was followed for the medals ceremony. International Olympic Committee member and Uruguayan Olympic Committee President, Julio Maglione honored the event by awarding the medals to the winners. International Surfing Association Vice President, Karín Sierralta and Pan American Surfing Association President, Maile Aguerre joined him.

“I’m honored that surfing was part of the Games program. Surfing is a key element of the youth and beach culture around the world. Congratulations to ODESUR for their leadership with this event. The South American Olympic teams included to very top athletes from each country. This was an elite surfing event, and I’m very confident just one extra step towards Olympic Summer Games Program inclusion” said the President of the International Surfing Association Mr. Fernando Aguerre.

The next edition of the South American Beach Games will be held in Manta, Ecuador in 2011.

The final results:

Gold: Analí Gómez (PER)
Silver: Camila Cassia (BRA)
Bronze: Gabriela Leite (BRA)

Gold: Alejo Muniz (BRA)
Silver: Rafael Pereira (VEN)
Bronce: Leandro Usuna (ARG)

Aloha Cup – Tag Team
Gold: Brazil
Silver: Peru
Bronze: Argentina

Air Show
Gold: Gabriel Medina (BRA)
Silver: Matías Mulanovich (PER)
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