Brent Dorrington: he should thank Roman Cloitre

Brent Dorrington has conquered the 2011 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland, at the small waves of Thurso East. The 24-year-old Australian from the Gold Coast defeating Jay Quinn in inconsistent 2-3ft (1m) rides.

The new Lord of Scotland now leads the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series overall rankings. Dorrington was on fire during the last day of competition. In the semi-final, he defeated Richard Christie with a combined two-wave total of 18.50 points out of 20. The sword would be in his hands soon.

"I have never won a comp in my life so to be in a final and win it is truly amazing. I’m on top on the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series now," said Dorrington. "l am looking for the bonus at the end of the series and the points from this contest are really important to me. It has just pumped here this week and it has been the best waves I’ve had in a comp."

Dorrington had never experienced the freezing waters of Thurso and decided to compete thanks to encouragement from good friend and fellow competitor Romain Cloitre.

"I wasn’t going to come over here but my mate Romain talked me into coming over and getting on the wetties and I owe him a beer for sure. The sword I am going to hang it up in my pool room. It will look good for sure on the wall. Adam Melling and Royden are good friends of mine and they have one so I am stoked to join the club."

Jay Quinn was unable to find a decent scoring ride. "Things just didn’t go to plan and there were a lack of waves in the final so basically nothing went right for me. I was looking for anything and nothing really eventuated. I had a good heat in the quarters and a bit of a slow semi but in the final I wanted to get some waves under my belt but it didn’t pan out like that."

Alain Riou and Richard Christie finished equal third. The O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland is stop nº 2 of 4 of the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series which now moves on to Tofino, Canada, October 15-21, 2011.

2011 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland | Final

Brent Dorrington (AUS) 9.00 Def Jay Quinn (NZL) 7.66

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