Bristol's artificial wave pool layout

January 14, 2014 | Surfing
The Wave, Bristol: the surfing lake has 320 meters

"The Wave: Bristol", Europe's first public surf pool, has submitted a full planning application for its proposed surfing lake. The final South Gloucestershire Council decision will be made in March 2014.

The inland artificial wave pool will have 320 meters of pure joy. In the British coastal town of Bristol, everyone's excited about the possibility of having man-made waves surrounded by vast green fields.

"At the centre of development there will be a freshwater lagoon, which will use Wavegarden technology, to generate perfect surfing waves for both experienced surfers and beginners alike", explain the team behind The Wave: Bristol.

"The development is intended to encourage people of all ages, all backgrounds and all abilities to be outdoors, exercise, have fun and get in touch with nature".

Nick Hounsfield, the project's co-founder, says they've been "overwhelmed by the positive response from the public ever since", and the company has even amended the plans to include a separate natural swimming lake.

The Wave, Bristol: the clubhouse and the ride

South Gloucestershire Council will now review the application before making a recommendation to the Planning Committee on whether or not the proposals should be given planning permission.

The British artificial wave pool will pump waves of up to 1.6 meters high, at a rate of approximately 120 waves per hour. Expect two 200-meter rides - left and right - every two minutes, in 0.6-2 meters of water depth.

Running parallel to the pier between the motor rooms is the experienced zone, where the wave has the most energy. This will give a ride of approximately 150 meters.

At each end of the lake, the wave is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers. This is predominantly where lessons will be held.

Once the waves reach the bay area, the left and right waves transform into smooth rolling whitewater waves, perfect for children, longboarding and surf lessons.