British surfing reaches historic agreement

May 17, 2012 | Surfing
Stuart Campbell: British surfing champion

The battle in British surfing is finally over. Surfing Great Britain and the UK Pro Surf Association (UKPSA) reached an historic agreement over future co-operation for the benefit of surfing in the country.

The UKPSA has operated independently of the NGB for a number of years, with elite and professional surfers competing in events around the country for the prestigious titles.

Contests run by the UKPSA have become recognised as setting the standards for efficient and professional contest management in recent years.

Surfing GB has been revitalized over the last few months by committees of dedicated volunteer surfers, led by iconic and inspirational figures, such as former British and European Champion, Nigel Semmens.

The British Nationals Championships in 2011 provided a springboard for the improved relations between UKPSA and SGB with both organizations working together to organise the event which had been threatened with collapse.

"This is a massive step forward", said Nigel. "At last we are all pulling together and that can only be of benefit to all surfers. I see this as being something that will be the instigation of a better future for British Surfing".

"It's good news for everyone that cares about the development of Surfing in the UK. We can work together on delivering a really good progression pathway for surfers, but also for those who want to make a career out of officiating: judges, beach marshalls, contest directors, elite coaches", adds Dave Reed, Director of UKPSA.

The British titles event will become counting final events in the UK pro tour calendar, making for an exciting end to the contest season. Selections for British squads will also be informed by the rankings.

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