Bruce Irons confirmed at the Red Bull Night Riders

October 27, 2010 | Surfing

Bruce Irons: always an icon | Photo: Red Bull/Joli

Professional surfer Bruce Irons is confirmed to compete at the Red Bull Night Break in Flagler Beach, on November 6.

Red Bull Night Riders welcomes six surfers pushing the limits of aerial surfing on Saturday, November 6 (8-10pm) at the Flagler Beach Pier.

Bruce Irons, whose career includes victories as a Pipeline Master, Quicksilver Eddie Aikau winner, and World Tour champion will battle it out with five of Florida’s top aerialists.

Representing the sunshine state will be Jacksonville's own Cody Thompson, two-time Tommy Tant Champion Aaron Cormican from New Symrna Beach, Central Florida's Blake Jones and Alek Parker, and former Tommy Tant champion Jesse Heilman who hails from Daytona Beach.

Spectators can cheer from the pier under an illuminated night sky. This event is the first of its kind in the Southeast and is free to the public.

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