Bruce Irons: surfing Teahupoo in the dark | Photo: Domenic Mosqueira

Surfing Teahupoo demands eyeballs and control over fear. Bruce Irons doesn't think so, so he decides to ride one of the most dangerous waves in the world completely blindfolded.

The surf stunt is a test of the fittest and finest. Irons should know how the Tahitian wave opens well in order to feel it and surf it.

Our friends at Stab Magazine have decided to feature it on the cover of their 56th issue, and he surely deserves it.

Domenic Mosqueira, the surf photographer in charge of capturing the challenging move, was absolutely stunned by what Bruce Irons had made.

"It could've been a clown car show in there. It’s really something to see someone knowledgeable ride a wave, to see his hand in the face, reading it as if it was Braille", explains Mosqueira.

Bruce Irons has a point over the blindfolded surf ride experience.

"The hardest part is just the angle". Indeed. Irons also valued his left hand as it touched and felt the face of the wave while barreling.

The iconic Hawaiian's instinct is fine-tuned to the power and specifications of the famous Teahupoo ride. It seems like he is, in fact, really reading the entire wave with his eyes.

Interestingly, Irons revealed he couldn't close his eyes, even though "all I saw was black".

In one particular wave, the Teahupoo wave spray even blew off his blindfold. Bruce Irons had already had a strange experience when he went flare surfing.

Watch how Bruce Irons surfed Teahupoo blindfolded.

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