Brushboarding is the new extreme sport

October 5, 2010 | Surfing
Brushboarding: comb your board

We live in a world where the impossible is nothing. After watching Brazilian innovators kiteboarding with a tablecloth and a wooden plaque and after understanding the pleasures of tarp surfing, it's time for another new version of surfing.

Have you heard of brushboarding? Well, you're not going to comb your hair while catching waves.

Brushboarding is a revolutionary new multi-board sport/training activity that can be enjoyed by all ages in a specially designed ramp made of... brushes.

The brush ramp is safe and environmentally friendly and enhances key skills and fitness needed for all board sports without having to get wet.

Brushboarding builds core strength and fitness while improving balance and coordination in an exciting and innovative way.

The new sport is going global and has already been tested in several countries, such as UK and Portugal. Curious? Find out more about the new sport at