BSR Surf Resort: featuring the Perfect Swell technology developed by American Wave Machines | Photo: BSR

The BSR Surf Resort will open in Texas on the second week of May 2018. The giant wave pool opens a new chapter in the business.

Less than two years ago, American Wave Machines (AWM) announced the construction of a two-acre surf lake at Barefoot Ski Ranch (BSR) Cable Park, an inland water sports center located in Waco.

Now, they're ready to show the world that there's a new man-made wave concept ready to challenge Wavegarden and Kelly Slater's surf pool formula.

The company promised to debut Perfect Swell, their latest wave-generating technology. And here it is. The new Texan surfing structure resembles a rectangle cut in half.

The waves are generated from its center and propagate in all directions toward the shore. You can opt for going left or right, closer or farther away from the "peak."

The surf facility was installed next to a cable wakeboarding park. AWM says that it is the most authentic surfing experience outside the ocean you could've wished for.

"The beauty of our system is that we can deliver all the different faces the ocean throws at you. So, it's just not one wave. We can make you a point break, a peeling wave, a beach break, and give you an air section," explains Cheyne Magnusson, BSR Surf Resort manager.

"We will be able to provide waves for experts and beginners alike. It's going to be a one of a kind beach experience."

Perfect Swell: the AWM software allows you to generate any type of wave | Illustration: AWM

BSR Surf Resort will feature cabanas, beach chairs, a swim-up bar, and a surf shop. The first visitors are expected to test the new artificial waves on May 7.

One-hour sessions will cost $60.

A Different Man-Made Wave

According to the developers, you won't have to wait for the water to settle for riding your wave. The intervals between "sets" are much shorter comparing to their rivals.

AWM's technology has been fine-tuned for a long time. They are the creators of the SurfStream, one of the pioneering standing wave machines in the market.

With Perfect Swell, they can choose the wave they're going to generate at any given moment. It's all about pressing the button.

Jamie O'Brien and Seth Moniz were the first pro surfers to give it go, and they both had their share of barrels and airs in the three-wave sets pumped by the pool.

The AWM technology is different from Wavegarden and the Kelly Slater Wave Co. Instead of using an hydrofoil-powered train to generate waves, Perfect Swell pumps air into the water.

The company says it's a safer system when compared to its competitors.

BSR Surf Resort: a one-hour sessions costs $60 | Photo: BSR

The rides might a be a bit shorter - between 10 and 15 seconds - but they truly mimic the ocean's behavior.

The waves can reach between three and eight feet, and offer plenty or perfect air sections.

Curiously, the BSR Surf Resort opens 120 miles away from the NLand Surf Park powered by Wavegarden, and in the same week, Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch runs its inaugural WSL Founders' Cup, in Lemoore, California.

And, in this case, it's not just a thing for pros and special guests - people will be actually able to surf it from the start.

Hopefully, and in the end, anonymous surfers will benefit from these surf pool wars.

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