Bastion Point: how bulldozers destroy 40 years of surfing

Bulldozers have started the destruction of Bastion Point in Mallacoota, Australia.

It's one of the best surf spots in the Australian State of Victoria.

After more than 10 years of fighting ill-conceived plans for a new breakwater and boat ramp at Bastion Point, bulldozers have begun their task of destroying a national treasure.

The most popular break in the region has been a primary surfing location for more than 40 years, throughout the year, and in all weather conditions.

It is regularly used by over 60 local surfers and many hundreds more visiting surfers every year.

Australia, a country with the world's third surfing reserve (Manly-Freshwater), is destroying a beautiful surf sanctuary preserved for decades.

The Local Council is building a 130-meter-long jetty and boat ramp directly through the break at Bastion Point, one of the few breaks on Victoria's far east coast that works well in southerly winds.

It provides a safe environment with various waves catering to both beginner and expert surfers. Bastion Point is a big business for surfing in Mallacoota, Victoria, and Australia.

To destroy the wave at Bastion Point, as the Shire will do if the development proceeds as planned, would be like ripping up the only town football field to put in a parking lot.

There simply is no other place nearby to surf.

Save the Waves is currently supporting the protection of the Bastion Point. Join the protests against the East Gippsland Shire and the Mallacoota authorities.

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