Cam Richards accelerates to victory at Newport 500

May 14, 2014 | Surfing
Newport 500: where surfboards look like race cars

Cam Richards has claimed the 2014 "Newport 500" Totally Crustaceous Tour Championships, a race-car themed surf contest held by Volcom.

Track conditions started out clean, but as the day rolled on things got pretty hectic. Not even high wind advisories and sand storms could slow the competitors down as they continued to put the pedal to the metal all the way to the last lap.

One of the day's highlights was the "Restrictor Plates" airshow where Cam Richards, Finn Mcgill and special guests Gavin Beschen, Mason Ho, Balaram Stack and Dylan Graves all competed on specialty race car boards custom shaped by Sean Slater.

These guys proved that even on boards shaped like race cars they could still shred. Cam Richards would take the win and will get a chance to drive an actual Racecar with the New Era Rusty Wallace experience.

Cam also took home the Pro-Am "Lug Nug" division win and $5000.

2014 "Newport 500" Totally Crustaceous Tour Championships

Lug Nuts (Pro/AM)
1. Cam Richards - $5,000
2. Yago Dora - $2,000
3. Jake Kelley - $1,000
4. Taylor Curran - $500

Restrictor Plates (Racecar Surfboard)
1. Cam Richards - $1,000
2. Mason Ho - $600
3. Dylan Graves - $300
4. Finn McGill - $200
5. Gavin Beschen
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