Canarians and Iberians clash in the Red Bull Rivals

February 19, 2014 | Surfing
Jonathan Gonzalez: captain of the Canary Islands

The Red Bull Rivals will see surfers from the Canary Islands battling riders from the Iberian Peninsula.

The format was born in 2009. Rivalry can push athletes towards new, unexplored frontiers. That is why Galician Gony Zubizarreta and the Canarian Jonathan Gonzalez will lead their teams into the upcoming Red Bull Rivals.

Surfers will challenge themselves in two locations. Each team will consist of five surfers in a Peninsulars versus Inlands clash.

The best reefs are in the spotlight, but it'll be the conditions the ones to decide the exact places. The Canary Islands stage will be surfed in April, while the Iberian contest runs in November, 2014.

Once the forecast determines the best conditions so that the competition can happen, the teams will have 72 hours to move to the chosen spot. The individual performance of each surfer will be combined with a team's performance.

The captains know that their teams will have to count on four other members: pro surfer, free surfer, girl and young gun. Strategies play an important role in Red Bull Rivals.

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