Carlos Burle and Rodrigo Koxa share a party wave in Nazaré

October 25, 2017 | Surfing
Carlos Burle and Rodrigo Koxa: sharing a party wave at Praia do Norte | Photo: Silva/Red Bull

Carlos Burle and Rodrigo Koxa have shared a big wave ride at Nazaré's Praia do Norte, in Portugal.

The Brazilian duo simultaneously rode a giant liquid mountain during the first swell of the European winter season, with the waves reaching the 60-foot mark. Party waves at Nazaré are extremely rare.

The team performance is being hailed as one of the biggest waves ever ridden by two surfers at the same time at Praia do Norte.

The first to take off on the left-hand wave, and towed in by Lucas Chumbinho, was Burle; but a few seconds later Koxa decided to drop in and join his friend.

Despite the dangerous nature of the stunt, the double ride will certainly be inscribed in the Nazaré history books. Burle and Koxa showed the world what it's like to get out of comfort zone with no Plan B to fall back on.

"What a crazy day! That wave with Carlos Burle was really sick! Thanks for the tow in, Alemão de Maresias - you're a monster," expressed Rodrigo Koxa after surviving the Portuguese beast.

"I thought that Burle was on the right-hander and I ended up going to the left without seeing him. It was an animal wave. The wave ran, it was the biggest wall, and it looked like it was going to close out."

"Incredibly, the wave was very long - the longest I have ever surfed on the outside at Nazaré. When I was on the bottom of the wave, Burle passed me and shouted 'Go Koxa,' and I screamed, 'Go Burle.' And we kept shouting, it was the biggest party, a party wave," concluded Koxa.