Carlos Burle: not taking lessons from Laird Hamilton

Carlos Burle has responded to Laird Hamilton's controversial opinions on the Brazilian's potential big wave record, saying the American is a "spoiled" rider.

Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira, who surfed Praia do Norte, Nazaré, on the infamous October 27, 2013, have returned to Rio de Janeiro.

The man who saved Gabeira's life and returned to the water to score a potential Guinness World Record left a few words for Laird Hamilton, after his CNN interview.

"I was not surprised. I have never had any support from him. There is a big preconception. I know I come from a very different situation when compared to their reality", answers Carlos Burle.

"They were born and raised in a first-world country. They are spoiled. I'm not spoiled."

"I always had obstacles in my life, always worked with adversity, and enjoyed opportunities."

"Could I be better equipped and prepared? Yes, but I couldn't miss the chance. That's what I did".

"I had already ridden through the bottom of the wave. He [Laird Hamilton] is right to a certain point."

"It would be better if I'd kicked out through the channel, but there have been approved waves with the surfer falling in the whitewater."

"Regarding the safety issues, I do not agree with him. He is a very experienced guy, and he surfed giant waves in unsafe conditions. He has already gone through some tricky moments".

"The most important thing is that Maya was well and being assisted. These ocean conditions are very rare. I caught that wave for my team. I'm only another big wave surfer, but these waves are very special".

Carlos Burle says he is a "normal guy, just like everyone else" and that "it could've been another guy in my place."

The Brazilian confesses to be "still excited and seeking a balance through my family and my friends".

Burle is not thinking about records.

"My expectations are moderate. The most important is that I'm fine. I never said that I was the guy. I just have to contemplate what happened and keep the balance".

"Then you need to measure the size of the surfer and the size of the wave through multiple angles."

"But then again, I have no desire to talk about the size of the wave or to confirm anything."

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