Caroline Marks makes history at the Surfing America USA Championships 2014

June 24, 2014 | Surfing
Caroline Marks: the winner takes it all

The Surfing America USA Championships 2014 have been successfully concluded at Lower Trestles. The 2014/2015 Surfing America USA Surf Team is ready to conquer the world.

Write down this name: Caroline Marks. The Floridian, 12, had already been the youngest girl ever to join the US Surf Team. Now, she steals three out of four titles at the Surfing America USA Championships 2014.

Marks won the Under 12, Under 14, and Under 16 divisions, at Lower Trestes. Brisa Hennessy managed to claim the premier Under 18 division, in perfect Californian A-frames.

In the Boys' competition, the Hawaiians stood out. Eli Hanneman blasted the youngest division and took home the Under 12 award, with the highest heat total of the finals. This young gun is already surfing big waves in Maui. Follow him.

Barron Mamiya, a North Shore local, prevailed in the Under 14 clash, while Stevie Pittman, from North Carolina, secured a golden medal of the East Coast by winning the Under 16 division.

Nic Hdez had to wait in the beach for the final results of the Under 18 final. The surfer from Fresno, California, ended up being crowned the grand winner of Surfing America USA Championships 2014.

Surfing America USA Championships 2014

Boys U18 Final
1. Nic Hdez
2. Jake Davis
3. Kanoa Igarashi
4. Seth Moniz

Boys U16 Final
1. Stevie Pittman
2. Nolan Rapoza
3. Micky Clarke
4. Jake Marshall

Boys U14 Final
1. Barron Mamiya
2. Cole Houshmand
3. Noah Hill
4. Eithan Osborne

Boys U12 Final
1. Eli Hannenman
2. Ocean Macedo
3. Kade Matson
4. Sebastian Mendes

Girls U18 Final
1. Brisa Hennessy
2. Tia Blanco
3. Zoe McDougal
4. Mainei Kinimaka

Girls U16 Final
1. Caroline Marks
2. Maddie Peterson
3. Emily Nishimoto
4. Malia Osterkamp

Girls U14 Final
1. Caroline Marks
2. Summer Macedo
3. Tiare Thompson
4. Julie Nishimoto

Girls U12 Final
1. Caroline Marks
2. Rachel Presti
3. Alyssa Spencer
4. Gabriela Bryan