Cascais Pro 2013 will play decisive role in the surfing season

May 7, 2013 | Surfing
David Raimundo: defending the Portuguese flag out of the water

The first ever Cascais Pro 2013 will offer and incredible $250,000 prize-purse and precious ranking points for the ASP World Championship Tour, between October 21st-27th, in Portugal.

The beaches of Carcavelos and Guincho will bring the heat on Portugal's world reknown breaks with an intense week of action to crown an inaugural Cascais Pro champion.

The event will play a dramatic role in the road to the 2014 ASP World Championship Tour, in the beautiful and touristic coastline of Cascais. Portugal is on the A-List of surfing destinations, during the European summer.

The Cascais Pro will have the ability to move between two major sites: Carcavelos beach, one of the founding places in Portugal's surfing history, with countless peaks of punchy lefts and rights on offer; and Guincho, the area's swell magnet that will pick up anything available and transform it into a powerful wave.

World class golf courses, beautiful weather, exceptional food and cultural diversity are just a few reasons to check out the area while staying in Cascais.