Catch a train and go surfing

June 12, 2017 | Surfing
Metrolink: surfers are welcome to travel with their surfboards in the trains | Photo: Metrolink

Metrolink announced surfers now can travel with their surfboards on Southern California's regional rail system.

The transportation company installed special surfboard storage netting on all Metrolink Bike/Surfboard cars. Boards must not exceed 6'4'', and bodyboards are welcome.

There will be one storage area per train, and each area will allow five surfboards. Metrolink asks users to carry their boards in bags.

"As an avid surfer, I know that this addition to Metrolink service will be used by surfing enthusiasts. Biking and surfing are core activities in sunny Southern California," notes Metrolink board member, Borja Leon.

"I too take my board and use this new service to avoid freeway traffic congestion and parking hassles, while easily accessing the beach."

The new train service for surfers will be available in all seven Metrolink routes at no additional cost.

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