Celebrate the 2011 International Surfing Day

May 2, 2011 | Surfing
International Surfing Day: grab a board and celebrate life

The world surfing community will be celebrating the 2011 International Surfing Day on June 19th. Surfers from all corners of the planet are preparing their favourite gear and will head for their local spot to enjoy wave rides.

Surf clubs, small groups of friends and local organizations are invited to prepare and celebrate this day with unforgettable moments like demos, beach clean-ups, barbecues, concerts and cultural activities.

EuroSIMA, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Surfers Against Sewage and the European Surfing Federation have selected and artist to represent the International Surfing Day. This year, Tom Veiga illustrates the official poster inspired by the sensations and feelings that the sea, the winds, the sun’s heat and the movement of waves transmit.

The passion for surfing and the world of wave riding is shared by millions of beach boys and girls in the five continents. At the same time, the International Surfing Day promote the values of live, friendship and solidarity.

In 2010, surfers from more than 45 countries have participated in the celebration of waves and Nature. Bring a friend to the beach and teach him how to ride waves.

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