Chippa Wilson shines bright in high-octane video clip

October 29, 2018 | Surfing
Chippa Wilson: throwing airs like you've never seen before

Everybody is talking about it. Watch Chippa Wilson's high-octane grand masterpiece. It's been hailed as the surf video of the year.

The video was shot to help sell traction pads but, in fact, it goes well beyond its primary goal. "Video No.4" by Octopus featuring Chippa Wilson is an ode to free surfing.

Wilson would never be able to do what you're about to witness in competitive mode. This is what free surfing does to progressive surfers with a creative, risk-taking mindset.

The 11-minute video was shot between March and June 2018 in South Sumatra, Mentawai Islands, Bali, and the Maldives.

The outcome puts Wilson on the short list of the most technical aerial surfing specialist on the planet. Just watch how he attacks the Indonesian ramps.

In the end, Chippa Wilson scored some of the craziest airs ever caught on tape. The rides were all captured by Dave Fox, Beren Hall, Michael Cukr, and Shane Fletcher.

Chippa, real name Christopher Wilson, hails from Cabarita Beach in New South Wales. The 31-year-old Australian has been releasing innovative surf clips for a decade.

He is the star of "NOW," a 2010 surf movie by Riley Blakeway.