Chippa Wilson wins Stab High 2.0

July 2, 2019 | Surfing
Chippa Wilson: he stormed Stab High 2.0 before the real storm | Photo: Monster Energy

Chippa Wilson has taken out Stab High 2.0, at Barefoot Ski Ranch (BSR) Surf Resort, in Waco, Texas.

The Australian surfer claimed the second edition of Stab High, an aerial surfing invitational contest that takes place in the famous Texan wave pool.

Wilson, who finished runner-up last year, put his technicality and skate-influenced style to work in front a packed crowd thousands of online viewers.

The innovative surf contest returned with 24 of the world's best freestyle surfers. They arrived with a mission: to pull off and land the sickest air tricks.

The panel of judges scored maneuvers based on height, speed, style, distance, progression, creativity, and clean landing.

Stab High 2.0: an incredible display of aerial surfing | Photo: Monster Energy

Six riders advanced to the finals. Chippa Wilson missed the first two attempts and saw Kevin Schulz landing an impressive mctwist.

However, a beautifully executed aerial shuvit, a high-flying full rotation above the lip, a stalefish 360, a poked-out slob air and a technical frontside shuvit secured him the first place.

One of the event's highlights was Kevin Schulz's backflip, a stunning maneuver that enabled him to transfer from one wave to another smoothly.

"Today was the day. After three years of trying it in the ocean, I finally put one down in the pool at BSR Surf Resort. This place rules! I'm still shaking a bit!" said Schulz.

Stab High 2.0 | Results

1. Chippa Wilson
2. Kevin Schulz
3. Kalani David

1. Sierra Kerr
2. Sky Brown
3. Caitlyn Simmers
4. Bella Kenworthy