Chris de Aboitiz: the Australian surf dog trainer

Dog trainer and canine lover Chris de Aboitiz has proved that his puppies may soon join the World Surf League pros.

Some surf dogs are greater than others. In fact, there's one man that is taking canine surfing to a whole new level.

Chris de Aboitiz is an experienced Australian stand-up paddleboarder who has been taking his pets to the water since he launched his company, Natural Balance Dog, in 2006.

The 53-year-old waterman is an animal therapist. He helps owners to train dogs with behavior problems.

His magic formula is surfing. Chris has been riding waves with his best friends for 20 years.

You can call it anything you want: surf dog therapy, tandem dog surfing, or surf dog acrobatics.

Tandem Dog Surfing

But it works, and his clients get extraordinary results. The "dog whisperer" owns five dogs, and they all love to surf.

"They love doing it, they love hanging out and having fun," Chris de Aboitiz told 7 News.

"It's a good way to exercise your dog, and it is such a simple pleasure. Teaching dogs is easy. The hard part is teaching the owners."

"Paddleboarding with your dogs is a great way to bond with them. The dog needs to understand there are rules and boundaries. It won't work with an unruly dog."

Recently, he shared an eye-catching performance of his dogs Rama and Millie doing tricks on a surfboard with the world.

Chris de Aboitiz never paddles out when waves are big, and wipeouts are extremely rare.

The passionate surf dog trainer, who is also the father of the kitesurfing talent Keahi de Aboitiz, is currently helping people SUP with their animal friends on Australian beaches.

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