Chris Noble wins 2011 Scottish National Surfing Championships

March 31, 2011 | Surfing
Chris Noble: the surfing highlander

Chris Noble has conquered the 2011 Scottish National Surfing Championships, held in prime wave conditions, in Thurso East.

The best Scottish surfers gave everything they had in each wave. There was a national title and a wildcard for the O’Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland at stake. In the first day of competition, the smaller waves were perfect to run the ladies, the under 18's and the longboard finals.

Dee Ripoll, Daniel Mowat and Mark Boyd were the first to be crowned at Thurso East. A total of five divisions were surfed and Russell Cruickshank smiled in the senior's category.

The tides were being managed by the organization and the open final heat offered world-class surfing conditions, with a light offshore breeze.

Mark 'Scratch' Cameron, Mark Boyd and Scott Main were extremely focused and delivered good performances but, in the end, Chris Noble took the title after an impossible tube ride and a few consistent critical snaps.

The event was very well managed by the Scottish Surfing Federation and now everybody's anxious to see the world's best surfers in action, back again in Thurso East. The reef is waiting.

2011 Scottish National Surfing Championships | Results


1. Chris Noble
2. Mark Cameron
3. Mark Boyd
4. Scott Main


1. Mark Boyd
2. Sam Christopherson


1. Dee Ripoll
2. Sheila Findlayson


1. Daniel Mowat


1. Russell Cruickshank