Christian Surfers to hold international meeting

March 14, 2008 | Surfing

Christian Surfers

"The world is becoming fragmented into tribal groups in response to globalization. Modern mission strategists identify these new tribal groups as key to the future. Surfers are one of the world’s clearly defined global tribes and growing in every continent.

With over 120 surfable nations and 50 member nations to the ISA, Christian Surfers has ministry in 20 of these. There is still a vast pioneering mission ahead of us. We must remain true to the tribe God has called us to. If not you, who else will reach them? You are invited to come join the global family of CSI for our `True to the Tribe’ 8th International Conference." Brett Davis

“We are so looking forward to the family of Christian Surfers gathering on our shores so we can celebrate and encourage each other to continue with this great call - to love God and reach the tribe of surfers along the wave of life. J-Bay is a beautiful place for many reasons, not least ’ Supertubes, and a world crossroads of surfing. I pray that you will feel God quicken your heart for this mission, and will share a 6 second barrel with you. God Bless!” - Roy Harley.

Cape St Francis is a tranquil eco-destination. This pristine beach, the mild temperature and the longest sunshine hours on the South African Coast ensure a relaxed all year round destination.

There are wild life parks nearby so you can cuddle lion cubs, chase elephants or wander with Giraffes. ‘Endless Summer’ 1 & 2, feature St Francis’ famous right hand point. It has a great beach break and a second fantastic point called Seal Point, which is within walking distance from the conference venue. It is situated 20mins from Jeffrey’s Bay, and 1 hour from Port Elizabeth Airport.

Source: Christian Surfers

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