Chuck Patterson: wave skiing down a 40-foot wall of water at Mavericks

Chuck Patterson is probably the world's most famous wave skier. But he had never surfed Mavericks until this day.

On January 10, 2020, Patterson was at Half Moon Bay, ready to take one of the finest swells of the century at the infamous Northern California surf break.

He had always dreamed of skiing down Mavericks - it was on his to-do list.

Having grown up in Tahoe, Chuck Patterson is an accomplished mountain snow skier. So, if he's able to ride 60-foot waves at Maui, Mavericks is just another day at the office and a natural thing to do.

Patterson is passionate about everything involving snow and water.

He skis and surfs but also enjoys snowboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, and speed flying.

The legendary Mavericks wave skiing session took place two days after Peter Mel rode the wave of his life at the same spot.

Wave Skiing: A Rare Obsession

The obsession with wave skiing started with a pair of jumper water skis, but the experience was not what he expected.

Fortunately, he got a custom-shaped pair of skis made of wood, epoxy, and fiberglass equipped with traditional ski bindings and successfully rode his first liquid waves.

Then, all he needs is an experienced jet ski drive that tows him into the perfect wall of water. The poles help him balance and get in sync with the morphing wave.

For the Mavericks wave skiing stunt, Patterson partnered with Justin Eib, a surfer from San Clemente. When his turn came, he launched himself into a massive 40-foot right-hander.

"It was absolutely epic. I am stoked for the last-minute road trip and the first turns of the winter season," expressed Patterson.

"I love to keep it spicy and to slide down liquid mountains. It was truly amazing to see Mother Nature flex its magic."

"At the end of the day. It's all about doing out of the ordinary things that put a smile on your face while staying positive during these crazy times."

Mavericks is one of the most powerful - and dangerous - waves on the planet.

The wave breaks in cold, shark-infested waters and the area is known for its tricky currents, submerged rocky sections, and nearby cliffs.

Nevertheless, Patterson wanted more.

He said he wished he could have caught a bigger set wave. But there will probably be a second chance - always with the skis strapped to his feet.

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