CJ Hobgood conquers the 18th Quiksilver King Of The Peak

November 14, 2012 | Surfing
CJ Hobgood: he discovered the treasure chest, again

CJ Hobgood has conquered the 18th Annual Quiksilver King Of The Peak, in Sebastian Inlet, Florida.

Despite Hurricane Sandy's destruction in the Northeast coast of the USA, Sebastian Inlet delivered three- to four-foot bumpy waves to forget, for a few hours, the disaster which has hit the region.

CJ Hobgood won the the King Of The Peak in 2002. Ten years after, he discovered the large treasure chest, again. A total of $4,750 dollars, $3,000 of in $1 coins.

But it wasn't an easy task for Clifton James. Vero Beach native and Sebastian Inlet regular Oliver Kurtz finished runner-up again, repeating last year's result.

"There were waves, the water was warm and blue, and I got to go head-to-head with Oliver both days," CJ said. "Saturday he was first so it felt a little easier. Sunday was a little different and I definitely felt more pressure as I thought the only way I could win was to win all my heats".

"He was surfing great and had the format wired, and it felt like he would run the table. But fortunately for me, I held serve".

Other standouts included last year's winner Travis Beckmann, Blake Jones, Tanner Strohmenger, Evan Thompson, Nils Schweizer, Chris Duff, Jeremy Johnston, Chris Tucker and David Speir.

In the ESM Airshow, the East Coast's best aerialists took their boards to the sky. Tanner Strohmenger, Travis Beckmann, Noah Schweizer, Chris Tucker, Eddie Guilbeau, and Chris Duff all made the cut on day one. On day two's final, Beckmann opened up with a solid above-the-lip air 360.

Then, Chris Tucker threw everything but the kitchen sink at a solid oncoming ramp, landing a power whip that was impressive and explosive enough to earn an 8.0 for one completed maneuver.

18th Annual Quiksilver King Of The Peak

1. CJ Hobgood, seven skins, $4,750
2. Oliver Kurtz, six skins,  $1,500
3. Justin Ellingham, Noah Schweizer, two skins,  $500
5. Evan Thompson, Asher Nolan, Brady McKenzie, Dustin Richardson, Shawn Murray, CT Taylor, Ron Keindl, one skin, $250

ESM Airshow

1. Chris Tucker,  $400
2. Travis Beckmann, $200
3. Chris Duff, $100