Clean waves hit the SATA Airlines Azores Pro

September 7, 2012 | Surfing
Nat Young: strong, fit and aerial

The SATA Airlines Azores Pro has completed the Round of 96 at Ribeira Grande, Açores, in clean three-to-four foot waves.

Cory Arrambide was one of the standouts of the day, after posting a near perfect 9.87 out of 10 for an incredible frontside inverted aerial to advance ahead of Messias Felix.

"I'm so stoked!", Arrambide said. "I was struggling at the beginning, couldn't find the rythmn of the ocean and I was watching Bottle just hacking these rights and finally I just changed my whole plan and moved down the beach, and I caught a good right and then straight into that left". "I don't usually claim a wave but there was just too much adrenaline running, and I was psyched! That was a good heat, I'm stoked!"

Arrambide caused the biggest upset defeating rising star Filipe Toledo, at his own game, using aerials to beat two Brazilians in their third Round exchange. Willian Cardoso was one of the few surfers to advance through two rounds today, and winning two very different heats early this morning and late this afternoon.

World number 36 at the moment, Cardoso opened his day with an incredible 9.00 ride, third highest score of the event so far, which he earned with a combination of poweful gauges that are his signature moves.

Stu Kennedy demonstrated great potential today moving into the third round of competition ahead of current World Junior Champion Caio Ibelli. Kennedy, who opened well his European campaign in the UK with a 9th place struggled to confirmed in the next couple of events and is still looking for his big break on the old continent.

Nat Young won his Round 48 bout and moved into the next round of competition that will see only three surfers in the water trying to qualify for the man-on-man action starting with the last 24 competitors.

Currently sitting 20th on the ASP World Rankings and potentially surfing with the Elite Top 34 next year, the Santa Cruz local will need to drop a couple of low results to lock in his spot.

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