Costa Rica stands out in the IX PanAmerican Surfing Games

November 10, 2009 | Surfing

IX Panamerican Surfing Games

With a total of six athletes still classified in the main rounds out of the nine that participated today, the Costa Rica National Surf Team started strong in the IX PanAmerican Surfing Games which are taking place at Playa Olivenca de Ilhéus – Bahía, Brasil.

Today, with the categories of Open and Junior, Costa Rica managed to pass three athletes in each division in the second round of the main event. Meanwhile,Isaac Vega (Open), Nataly Bernold (Women’s) and Anthony Segura (Junior) all go to repercharge.

The established calendar for the IX PanAmerican Surfing Games planned yesterday as the first day of competition. However, the Director of the event, Marcos Bukão, decided to delay until today, due to the unexpected tardy arrival of some of the National Selections in Brazil.

With the completion of today’s action, Jason Torres, Carlos Muñoz and Jair Pérez passed their first heats and move into the second round of the Open. Pérez demonstrated his quality surfing level by accomplishing the highest combination of the day in his division with 13.00 points.

Carlos Muñoz, Anthony Fillingim and Jordan Hernandez, also surfed well enough to classify to round two in the Juniors, and will see action again tomorrow. As is the case of Muñoz—the current Costa Rica National Surf Champion, Costa Rica National Junior Champion, AND Costa Rica National Boys Champion—he is manning up two divisions and is off to a great start in both of them.

Costa Rica is appearing in these PanAmerican Surfing Games with an incomplete team—minus bodyboarders. Nevertheless, they put 9 surfers of the 15 they could take, and placed 6 of them forward to contribute points for the final ranking.

Their team goal is to make the Top 5. Of the 9 National Surf Teams present, only Brazil, Peru and Venezuela arrived at the IX PanAmerican Surfing Games with a full surf contingent.

To cover all the spots for Costa Rica, Anthony Filligim and Isaac Vega will collaborate in the Bodyboard Masculine. Lisbeth Vindas will surf the Bodyboard Feminine. Nataly Bernold will double up for Women’s and Junior, and Carlos Muñoz is doubling Open and Junior.

According to José Ureña, President of the Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica and Technical Director of the Costa Rica National Surf Team, the Ticos have managed to adapt very well to the conditions of the waves here in Brazil, since they resemble those at Jaco Beach, a factor that contributed to the Ticos’ great start today in the competition. Today Olivenca offered waves breaking to the knee, going right and left, in a climate that emphasized high temperatures.

“All were incredible in yesterday’s practices, and for that reason we anticipated a good beginning which ultimately occurred. Now it is called on us to maintain our focus, and continue forward as we hope to have good participation of our surfers as we move into categories with better competitors,” expressed Ureña. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.