Costa Rica Surfing Championship heads to Palo Seco de Parrita

January 14, 2010 | Surfing

Federación de Surf de Costa Rica

For the first time ever, the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar (CNS), will have a tournament at the beach Palo Seco de Parrita, which will take place on January 16 and 17.

Called the Torneo LimeCoral, this will be the second date of the 2009-2010 season, and it will be a 4-star event awarding 1,500 points to the winners in each category. Palo Seco de Parrita is one of the two new beaches in the Circuito—the other being Cocoles in Limon, which is the next date.

Palo Seco de Parrita is a beach break that is often welcoming surges during the year, including the one expected during Torneo LimeCoral. The contest, which will take place in front of the facilities of Aparta-Hotel La Isla, is set to unite the best surfers from the zones of Parrita, Esterillos and Quepos, who may not often frequent the Circuito championship.

For this date, the Municipality of Parrita contributed a generous amount towards the Circuito DayStar, with organization towards tourism in the zone frequented by surfers and non-surfers both.

In agreement with Hannia Sibaja of the Municipality, there has been an order for the Commission of Support for the Torneo LimeCoral, including the maintenance of about 1,000 vehicles expected. In addition, the public will be able to participate in different activities during the Circuito, including volleyball and beach soccer for mini-championships. There will also be food and drinks for sale on the beach, and access to the bar and restaurant at Aparta-Hotel La Isla.

“We have been working for several weeks to receive the Circuito, which we know will have a great impact on the zone of Parrita. This place is frequented by surfers because of the good conditions that prevail all year, that is why we want to support a sport that attracts such an important amount of national and international surfers to the zone,” commented Sibaja.

The Commission of Support will also make sure that the cleaning and security of the beach will prevail during the hours of the competition.

Expected at the Torneo LimeCoral are 250 athletes, along with a large amount of public crowd. According to José Ureña, President of the Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica, the importance of developing surf in a zone such as Parrita with these type of initiatives, along with the Municipality and the LimeCoral company, will greatly favor the hundreds of surfers who live in the area, as well as its tourism.

“For the Federacion, it is very important to teach the tourist the resources of Parrita, and in this opportunity the ample resources to us that they have is surfing. To this date, we are expecting an important number of surfers from this zone, that we know have the skills to face the competition of the Nacional Circuito DayStar,” affirmed Ureña.

For the Torneo LimeCoral at Palo Seco de Parrita, the Costa Rican Central Pacific will have waves between 2- and 4-feet of height with the high tide arriving after noon. The contest will take place between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

Inscriptions for the Copa Mango will take place on Friday, January 15, at JASS Surf Shop in Jaco from 5 to 7 p.m. Initial inscriptions for the year are 15,000 colones, and then a fee per category of 12,000 colones. (That’s 8,000 colones for under 16 years of age.)

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