Courtney Conlogue wins 2011 Estoril Billabong Girls Pro

June 11, 2011 | Surfing
Courtney Conlogue: now she can go shopping

Courtney Conlogue has won the Estoril Surf & Music Billabong Girls Pro, after defeating fellow Californian Lakey Peterson, in difficult wind affected 2ft peaks at the main event site of Praia do Guincho, in Portugal.

Strong cross-shore winds persisted during the final day of competition making for tricky conditions and forcing competitors to battle with the elements. The surfers faced each other in the 30-minute final in a a closely contested final of 14.00 to 9.73. The final 10 minutes proved crucial with several priority changes and either competitor in a position to take the win.

"I feel pretty good now and it has been a crazy week and I’m stoked to be on the podium in this event. Every single heat I had to be on my toes because it was not an easy win. Now I am heading home to have some rest which I am looking forward to because it has been a long year so far", says Courtney Conlogue.

"When I was going in the final I had the same plan as in the semis because it worked so well and that was to keep busy and not get too picky with priority. Sometimes that will confuse you when the conditions are like this and you don’t go a lot of waves that you should have. So I tried to stay relax and have fun and it worked and I’ll be back next year".

Conlogue solidified her nº1 position on the ASP Women’s Star rankings. Peterson, with her runner-up placing in her maiden ASP Star event final was in shooting distance of taking the win as she searched for the right peaks as the tide dropped lower and conditions varied.

"It got a lot worse and Courtney surfed great and I just didn’t get the waves but she deserved to win and I am stoked for her. This year I am trying to get experience and I haven’t gone to all the Star events because I am not trying to qualify. I am really stoked to make the final and they did a great job with the event", tells Peterson.

"Changing my game plan and I have been a lot more organized this whole event which has helped a lot," explained Peterson on her campaign in Estoril. "Getting here early and watching the waves and seeing what they are scoring different waves. That was the whole purpose of coming here so I got a lot out of it".

Sophia Mulanovich, former ASP Women’s World champion (2004) finished equal 3rd. Sarah Mason also finished equal 3rd, her best career result in an ASP Star event. Trailing eventual event winner Conlogue, during the entire heat Mason was unable to find any potential scoring waves to get into the race.

Cannelle Bulard obtained the best result of the European athletes finishing equal 5th and leaps into the lead on the ASP Europe Women’s European rankings.

Surfers competing at the Estoril Surf & Music Billabong Girls Pro were out to capitalize on the valuable rankings points on offer in their bid to qualify for the elite ASP Women’s World Tour in 2012.

2011 Estoril Billabong Girls Pro | Final

Courtney Conlogue (USA) 14.00 Def. Lakey Peterson (USA) 9.73

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