Forward, To Past: Craig Anderson and Dion Agius push the art button

Craig Anderson and Dion Agius are the stars of a highly conceptual short surf film by Haydenshapes.

The Australian brand says the movie, shot by Dave Fox and edited by Dion Agius, "literally broke our email server."

The truth is that Agius' latest directorial project is an arty approach punctuated by a poignant sense of pure-fun.

"Forward, To Past" documents Dion and Craig's adventures through New Zealand while sessioning on the company's surfboard model, Holy Grail.

"It's kind of a funny one," explains Dion Agius.

"Craig and I went to New Zealand on a little swell, and we didn't really get the best waves, but if you were to watch 'Forward, To Past,' you probably wouldn't even know it."

"Also, I feel like I could just watch Craig do nothing on a wave, and it's still sick."

"But we'd been looking forward to doing this edit on the Holy Grail for Haydenshapes, which was the reason we went down there."

"And at the moment, I have like four or five Grails in my quiver. I'll usually take one of them with me wherever I'm going."

"I mostly use them as my step-down board. They're so light and quick, but you can still turn on them really well, and I also have a lot of fun doing airs on them."

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