Cristóbal de Col: he performed the most number of tricks in a single wave

Cristóbal de Col has established a new Guinness World Record for the most number of tricks ever performed in a single wave. The Peruvian completed 34 carved turns on the longest wave in the world at the Red Bull Chicama Challenge.

Cristóbal de Col pushed through the fatigue, mental pressure, and a jellyfish plague to set a brand new world record by performing 34 cutbacks on this legendary wave located in Peru.

"All the while, I was counting, and my mind was only focused on that moment. When I reached 25, I really started to give it my all. I chose to do carved turns because it’s the maneuver that fits best to this type of inconsistent wave", explained Cristóbal de Col.

Chicama, in the north of Peru, is known as the longest left-hand wave in the world. You can surf up to 2,5 kilometers non-stop. The ride led the surfer to exhaustion, but he was extremely happy with the achievement.

Col surfed the long wave for two minutes and 20 seconds. Initially, he wanted to perform three 360s, but he changed his mind because carved turns fit better in this type of wave.

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