Dale Webster: the ocean is never flat for him | Photo: SurfySurfy

Dale Webster has done it again. The 62-year-old surfer from Valley Ford, California, enjoyed his 13,000 consecutive surfing days on April 6, 2011.

"The Daily Wavester" has widened his performance in the Guinness Book of World Records and will surely keep the mark for many decades.

Having surfed at least three waves per session from September 2, 1975, Webster is the ultimate surf addict.

He challenged hurricanes, storms, rain, sharks, and choppy waves. When Dale kicked off his challenge, there were no mobile phones or internet surf reports to help him find the best surf spots.

Our "Daily Wavester" says he decided to go for a world record because when his wetsuit got damaged, he wanted to surf for a full year to force the manufacturer into replacing it.

At the same time, he thought the record for the most consecutive days surfed was 5280, but that was actually the record (in feet) for the longest distance surfed to shore.

"I'm this surfer that has to do this routine every day. It'll die when I die", Dale Webster said one day. In 2003, the famous surf movie "Step into Liquid" shows a character using stickers with the slogan "Dale Would Go."

During this entire life challenge, Dale used more than 30 surfboards and 30 wetsuits. Today, he almost never leaves Sonoma County.

"One day, I hope to get a Ph.D. in surfing. I hope to teach the world how to surf, how to roll a wave, and then you can send my mail to Professor Daily Wavester, Ph.D. in surfing, and that's when dreams will truly come true," he once told Surfing Magazine.

"This 28 and a half thing is one thing, but if I can get my Ph.D. in surfing - if I can teach the world to roll - that's what I'm waiting for."

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