"Damn Whatsapp!" or why smartphones screw up our surf

Damn Whatsapp!: the new surf comic by Maxi González reminds us of why secrets should be kept secret | Illustration: Surf & Comics

Is the internet killing surfing? Is surfing the web the new enemy of surfing waves? A surf comic has the answers.

After "The Wave Conjurer" and the "Unknown Surfer," the artistic collective Surf & Comics returns with a modern tale.

"Damn Whatsapp!" could very well be the story of our daily lives as surfers.

One minute you're riding perfect waves all by yourself, and the next, you're trying to find your space in one of the most crowded peaks on the planet.

In a world where we don't keep anything secret, and everything seems to be shareable and public, Maxi González and his team remind us that confidentiality means pleasure.

Because sometimes your mobile phone should stay at home, and your only focus should be on the incoming set.

By the way, learn how to keep your surf spot secret.

Damn Whatsapp!: a surf comic by Maxi González

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