Dane Reynolds and friends ignite the Nike Lowers Pro 2012

May 5, 2012 | Surfing
Dane Reynolds: fit to fly

Dane Reynolds, John John Florence, Jeremy Flores, Glenn Hall, Adrian Buchan, Tanner and Pat Gudauskas. The quarterfinalists of the Nike Lowers Pro 2012 are ready to discuss the last waves, at Lower Trestles, California.

Reynolds took the day's highest scores with a near-perfect 9.80 single wave score en route to a combined heat-total of 18.63 out of 20 at the one-metre right-handers.

"I’ve been feeling really sketchy this event and been having unsuccessful free-surfs," Reynolds said. "I was feeling better in that one. I had been riding a different board in every heat and I rode this one this morning and just stuck with it."

Gabriel Medina was in need of an excellent ride with time winding down in the Round of 16 match and launched a gigantic air-reverse to earn a 9.50 out of 10 to solidify a victory over the Huntington Beach surfer in a high-scoring heat of 17.96 to 17.43.

"I was comfortable and I knew that was going to be a tough heat," Medina said. "Brett (Simpson) surfed really well, he had the 9 and the 8 and it was the hardest heat that I’ve had here. I was just waiting for one more wave and I fell on the one before. I needed the last one and I went big and got the score."

Jeremy Flores broke his board and went on to win on a borrowed board from former ASP Women’s World Champion Lisa Anderson.

"I broke my board on this lay-back and Lisa was really nice and let me borrow her board," Flores said. "It actually goes pretty good, but it’s a lot different from what I’m used to riding. I was lazy this morning and had a hard time waking up. Early morning heats are not really my thing. I didn’t bring that many boards. That one I broke was my best one and I don’t know, I might keep surfing this one."

John John Florence further asserted his dominance in the Nike Lowers Pro, topping his idol Cory Lopez in the Round of 16.

"The waves were super fun and I was nervous going against Cory (Lopez)," Florence said. "He’s been one of my favorite surfers since I started surfing and surfing against him is pretty scary. He’s so consistent and he’s got airs down like nothing. He’s been looking so sharp and I’m just really happy to have made it through that heat."

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