Dane Reynolds releases "Chapter 11" but he is not bankrupt

November 24, 2016 | Surfing
Dane Reynolds: his Chapter 11 features plenty of signature airs | Photo: Moran/Red Bull

The world's most famous alt-freesurfer returns to the big screen with an indie production and a political message.

Dane Reynolds was 20 when his "First Chapter" came out. In 11 years, his surfing hasn't changed much but, today, the talented regular-footer from Ventura sees the world from a different perspective.

Reynolds has always wanted to mix art with surfing. Because, for him, surfing is an art form, and you shouldn't keep them in separate boxes. As a result, the movement led by What Youth and Marine Layer Production strived and achieved global recognition.

"I never won a major event, but when I was 17 surfing companies started bidding on me. I went with Quiksilver because they had a sick logo," states Reynolds.

"I feel that, at some point, I need to thank Quiksilver. 'Young Guns' and 'First Chapter' put me on the map, but who is Quiksilver? Shareholders? Bob McKnight?"

So, why "Chapter 11"? In October 2015, Dane Reynolds parted ways with Quiksilver in a not-so-friendly divorce. In the same period, the iconic surf brand filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Interesting and ironic, isn't it? It might only be coincidence, but Dane Reynolds and his "Chapter 11" are far from becoming insolvent.

The 37-minute movie is a collection of retro filming, coloring and layering experiences, Super 8 and VHS collages, and loads of rare footage from your teenage years.

Pro surfing has its intricacies. It is not a perfect dream, and it will never be. "Chapter 11" opens our eyes - to the beauty of surfing, and to the cold world of surf corporations with good-looking logos and sex appealing ads magazine ads.