Dane Reynolds will not be surfing Jeffreys Bay

July 13, 2011 | Surfing

Dane Reynolds: enjoying life far from South Africa

Dane Reynolds will not be showing off his impressive surfing skills at the 2011 Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay, in South Africa. The Association of Surfing Professionals has confirmed that Reynolds has withdrawn from the event.

No further explanation has been given, as he is yet to participate in a surf contest in 2011. Cory Lopez will fill Reynolds' spot.

"If I can make two heats here, it will help my position on the World Ranking," Lopez told the ASP. "I'll probably be borderline after that, and three heats, I'd probably be pretty sweet". A good result means a place in the Top 32 of the One World Rankings.

There's another surfer that might miss the South African event. That is Kelly Slater, the 10-time world surfing champion. Slater is enjoying stunning waves in Cloudbreak and Tavarua is an option for the next days.

Joel Parkinson is back in form and he will fight for a victory at Jeffreys Bay. "After two years, everything about J-Bay excites me, but the one that’s in the forefront of my mind is that wave. I’m so excited about getting there and surfing that wave again after two years away", he explains.

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