Deus 9ft and Single 2016, a spectacular longboarding contest with a strange name

June 1, 2016 | Surfing
Harrison Roach: carving with grace | Photo: Deus Ex Machina

It is a music, art and surf festival like no other. Welcome to the Deus 9ft and Single 2016, a laid-back surfing experience held in the world-class waves of Canggu, Bali.

The event gathers longboard enthusiasts, but also an indie community of retro surfboard fanatics, and passionate bodysurfers.

There is room for everyone - men and women, shapers, hipsters, and outsiders; they are all invited to share the stoke and have fun.

But the name of the event says it all. The stars of the comp are longboards with single fin setups.

However, loggers did more than just draw broad, curved lines. They got barreled with nine-foot-plus planks under their feet, wearing no leashes.

Judges wanted style, power, grace, and footwork. In other words, the ultimate logging formula wins it all.

The final had Harrison Roach, Josh Constable, Jye Byrnes, and Jared Mell.

Roach delivered fin-first takeoffs, impeccable nose riding, aggressive carves, critical wave management, conservative cross stepping, and a few lucky tube rides.

Deus 9ft and Single 2016 had found a winner.

Deus 9ft and Single 2016 | Winners

Deus 9ft & Single: Harrison Roach
Deus Under 9ft & Single: Harrison Roach
Deus Ladies' Log Fest: Honolua Blomfield
Deus Womp Comp: Simon Patchett