Dimitri Ouvre wins 2011 Somo Pro Junior Cantabria Infinita

May 9, 2011 | Surfing
Dimitri Ouvre: a flying goofy-footer

Dimitri Ouvre has conquered the Somo Pro Junior Cantabria Infinita after defeating the Medi Veminardi, William Aliotti and Ramzi Boukhiam. The young goofy-footer pulled a final huge air-reverse in clean 3-4ft (1m) peaks, in La Playa de Somo, Spain.

With under 15 minutes remaining Ouvre found his wave and punted the manoeuvre of the event followed by a forehand snap to snatch a near perfect 9.00 out of 10 and the win.

"In the beginning Medi (Veminardi) got some really good scores and if I wanted to win I needed to get a big score and not fives or sixes so I waited. I made a couple of mistakes at the beginning because I was too impatient but after I knew I needed to wait for a good one and it came through to me. I was a bit lucky with that because after there were no sets for about 10 minutes so I am so stoked."

Ouvre jumps to nº1 position on the Asp European Men’s Pro Junior rankings and now has his eyes set on a repeat performance at the upcoming Asp 3-Star Pro Junior in the Canary Islands.

"It is a good result before the Canaries event so I think I am confident for the Canaries and I just have to do the same thing. I have no pressure and I enjoyed this event with my friends and my time here in Spain. I am not really focused but I just want to win so it is great right now."

Veminardi, who had impressed during his Quarter and Semi-final appearance surfed the long rippable lefts with a series of precise forehand snaps to amass a two-wave combined total of 15.16 out of 20 to take a commanding lead early in the final.

"I think I had a good game plan for the whole contest. I really wanted to improve my surfing in every heat I surfed in and that’s what I did but it was bad luck for me. Dimitri got that one wave that had the good ramp to do an air and he did it and took his chance and I lost by 0.15 of a point but that’s the way it is. I’m just bummed for losing the prize money for first place, $1,100 for less than half a point is tough", he jokes.

The Asp Europe Men’s Pro Junior Series 2011 will determine qualifiers for the elite Asp World Junior Championships, which start in Bali, October 3rd 2011.

Next in line is the 3-Star Islas Canarias Santa Pro Junior, running from 11-15 May 2011, at the peaky beach break of La Cicer.

2011 Somo Pro Junior Cantabria Infinita | Final

Dimitri Ouvre (BRB) 15.33
Medi Veminardi (REU) 15.16
William Aliotti (FRA) 13.37
Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR) 12.07

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