Sendai Beach: let's support Japanese surfers after the tragic earthquake | Photo: Coolsurfer's Blog

Japan is a great country for surfing. The sport has been growing steadily, and it is very easy to find quality waves in this East Asia nation. Waves are almost everywhere, but the finest regions are Tanegashima and Fukuoka. The summer typhoon swells are the best moments for surfers.

Tanegashima is quite splendid and offers perfect surf spots for all skills and ages. Up in the North of the island, you can discover top peaks like Chinbotsu, Kazamoto, Azakou, Kanehama, Rock, Hungry, and Injou.

A bit further to the South, there's Nakayama Toudai-Shita, Hotel-Mae, and Takezaki. These Japanese surf spots are influenced by the Pacific Ocean swell and, therefore, are more exposed to regular surf.

Facing the Genkai Sea lies the Fukuoka region, a very crowded Japanese surfing destination. At the same time, there are loads of surf spots where you can ride long left or right waves.

Kanezaki, for example, is one of the best waves Japan has to offer: tube riding is available to anyone.

Ogushi, near Fukuoka city, is a good choice for those adventurers willing to surf 6-to-10ft speedy waves. Between September and March, waves reach interesting sizes while maintaining consistency and quality, so don't miss it.

Four other good surf spots should be discovered: Same, Shingu, Mitoma, and Keya.

Honshu, the largest island in Japan, there's still too much to be discovered. Sometimes, access to the surf breaks is not easy, so it's time to trail the path of the secret spots.

Nevertheless, two names should not be missed: Chiba and Shonan. Surf filmmaker Bruce Brown ("The Endless Summer") discovered surfing in Honshu back in 1963.

Sendai, the epicenter of the tragic 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, is known for its quality waves for surfing.

It will take many years to fully recover from the natural disaster, so give Japanese surfers a helping hand by supporting the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Also, plan a surf trip to the country's best surf spots and help the local economy.

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