Dramatic waves in the 2011 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

May 26, 2011 | Surfing
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The countdown has begun. The 2011 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship are moving towards the dramatic waves, where only the best surfers will taste full glory.

The surfing conditions kept perfect. Once again, the waves were long, strong and consistent both at the rights of Caballeros and the lefts of Señoritas. Of the record breaking 276 competitors that started in the event, 144 remain.

The only countries that still have all of their surfers in the contest are USA, South Africa and Peru. However, Hawaii, France and Brazil can still reach the perfect score in the Nations Ranking.

Early in the morning, the defending champion and indisputable star of junior events, Australia, suffered a shocker defeat. Under 16 Boys Kai Hing lost to Italian Joao Maffini and German Arne Bergwinkel. His compatriot, Mitchell Parkinson, lost minutes later against Felipe Suárez from Argentina and Gearoid McDaid from Ireland.

"I’m surprised by the high performance of every team. Watching everyone rip gives me an added satisfaction to winning," said Maffini.

"I like Caballeros because I’m a regular footer. I live in Maui, surf all day, everyday, so I prefer bigger waves. I know I can do better; I’ve made a couple of mistakes like choosing the wrong waves, but hopefully I will improve as waves get bigger."

On the girls’ side Miluska Tello started strong with a combined score of 16.33 to beat Lucía Cosoleto (ARG), Camila Meana (URU) and Vrinda Rodríguez (VEN).

Grace Spiers of New Zealand bettered the mark, scoring 17.50 to beat Chelsea Roett (BAR), Minato Takahashi (JPN) and Emily Gussoni (CRC).

But, proving that records are made to be broken, it was Brazilian Barbara Segatto who almost touched perfection scoring 18.94 out of possible 20. Estefany Freitas (BRA) placed second, Sayaka Muramatsu (JPN) placed third and Alexis Poulter (NZL) fourth.

"It was a dream heat, with everything going just the way you like it," said Segatto. "I wanted to do good for Brazil; I am really happy for my performance and I’m looking forward for a place in the big final."

Round 2 and 3 of the Under 18 Boys repechage held at Señoritas saw the surfers going to the water two times today. Carlos Muñoz (CRC) was one of the standouts, winning both of his heats and posting the highest combined total of the division, 15.50 to beat Hector Cordovez (ECU), Beau Bromham (GBR) and Cristian Rivera (PUR).

Along with Muñoz, surfing incredibly well and joining him with a ticket to the fourth round were, Ben Poulter (NZL), Martín Jerí (PER), Anthony Fillingim (CRC) and Creed McTaggart (AUS).

"It gets harder and harder every heat, so you have to make the most of each," said Aussie Junior star, McTaggart. "I try not to think too much about being in the repechage." Regarding the fact that Australia lost some surfers today, McTaggart commented, "It is bad news but we still can win it, so let see how it goes."

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