Jumeirah Beach: restricted surfing

Surfing and kitesurfing in Dubai will be restricted to special zones. The local municipality wants to ensure swimmers and beachgoers peacefully enjoy the pleasures of water and sand.

The Coastal Zone Management and Waterways Section has determined a 900-metre-wide special zone for surfers at Umm Suqeim Beach.

In the next months, there will also be a reserved area for kitesurfing and paragliding on all Dubai beaches.

The announcement was made during the peak surfing season when Dubai gets the best swell and winds for wave sports.

After the construction of artificial islands, Umm Suqeim Beach-2 and Sunset Beach are the only quality spots to ride waves.

Surfers who don't respect the beach rules will be fined, as warning signboards were placed on several beaches.

Nevertheless, a 900-meter special surfing zone is quite good for the growing number of surfers hitting these exotic waters.

In Jumeirah Beach and Nessnass Beach, kitesurfers are strongly advised to respect the swimming area.

The number of kite enthusiasts has grown - locals and surf tourists - and the wind lines are crowding the water areas.

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