Dungeons awakens with ultra long period swell

August 6, 2013 | Surfing
Dungeons: big and thunderous

Dungeons, South Africa's best-known big wave spot, has awakened with the swell peaking at 5.4 meters and 19 seconds.

August 55, 2013, will stay in the memory of many South African chargers, plus Hawaiians John John Florence and Albee Layer.

Dungeons delivered an incredible day of big wave surfing in super glassy conditions and ultra-long period swell.

Mike Schlebach, James Lowe, Simon Lowe, Frank Solomon, Jurie van Dyk, Dave Smith, Grant Baker, Benji Brand, and Andrew Marr were some of the surfers who got the most out of the South African barreling train.

"Dungeons was the best ever. Maybe not the biggest ever recorded, but the most perfectly big", explains Alan Van Gysen, photographer and assistant editor at our friends in ZigZag.

The thunderous big wave break of Dungeons is located off Hout Bay, near Cape Town, and is frequently visited by great white sharks. The pioneers of Dungeons are Pierre de Villiers and Peter Button.