Dustin Barca wants to be the Mayor of Kauai

May 11, 2014 | Surfing
Dustin Barca: counting votes in Kauai

Dustin Barca is running for the office of Kauai County Mayor.

The professional surfer, environmental activist, and mixed-martial arts fighter has been involved in local politics for much of his young adult life, but this is a rather radical decision.

"When I returned home from a traveling surf career, I started becoming aware of the issues our island is facing, and how they are compromising the health of our community and land. It's time to move in a different direction, we can't let things continue as they are," says Barca.

Dustin Barca is best known for his activism related to environmental justice and the impacts of the agrochemical industry on Kauai. He has been standing against companies like Monsanto.

"I see Kauai as a farming epicenter, where food production is number one. By reversing our 90% food import with 90% food production, I envision local agriculture and access to healthy foods for all of our island's residents," adds Dustin.

As a fundraiser and to bring awareness to his campaign, Barca will paddle from Kee to Polihale and then run around the island, from Polihale to Kee, from May 29th through June 1st.

He will stop along the way to pay tribute to some of our most historically significant areas, talk-story with community members and find out more about their concerns and visions for Kauai.

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