Ecuador prepares the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship

March 29, 2013 | Surfing
Sunny Garcia: this is power surfing

Layne Beachley, Sunny Garcia, Rochelle Ballard and Greg Emslie are some of the names that will compete at the 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship, in Ecuador, between April 6th-14th.

National teams from Australia, Brazil, France, Hawaii, Japan and South Africa have confirmed their surfers who will be traveling to Latin America for the event that challenges masters in surfing.

Delegations from every corner of the globe are getting ready to compete in the warm water and perfect right-hand point-break waves of Montañita for the Eduardo Arena Perpetual Team Trophy and individual Gold Medals.

The defending team champion, Hawaii, will be returning with an all-star lineup featuring 2012's Grand Masters (over 40) Gold Medalist and 2000 ASP World Tour Champion Sunny Garcia and former ASP World Tour standout Kalani Robb.

The 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship is expecting over 20 national delegations and 130 athletes:


Masters: Jack Spooner
Grand Masters: Scott Schindler and Glen Pringle
Kahunas: Glen Valaire and Terry Landsberg
Grand Kahuna: Charlie O’Sullivan
Women Master: Layne Beachley


Masters: Saulo Carvalho and Rogerio Dantas
Grand Masters: Marcelo Alves and Roni Ronaldo
Kahunas: Jojo de Olivenca and Sergio Noronha
Grand Kahuna: Mickey Hofman
Women Master: Andrea Lopes


Masters: Robin Ferderic and Regis Blanchard
Grand Masters: Olivier Salvaire and Charlie Phillippon
Kahunas: Labastie Eric and Graclet Eric
Grand Kahuna: Darque Gilles
Women Master: Veronique Hayon


Masters: Sunny Garcia and Kalani Robb
Grand Masters: Love Hodel and Sunny Garcia
Kahunas:  Mike Latronic and Reuben Balmores
Grand Kahuna: Shuji Kasuya
Women Master: Rochelle Ballard


Masters: Hiroki Watanabe and Takeshi Terakado
Grand Masters: Masanobu Koga and Katsumi Suzuki
Kahunas: Masahisa Sakamoto and Yasushi Toyoda
Women Masters: Kiyonaga Akiko

South Africa

Masters: Greg Emslie and Gary Van Wieringen
Grand Masters: Wayne Monk and Carl Roux
Kahuna: Andre Malherbe and David Malherbe
Grand Kahuna: Chris Knutsen
Women Master: Heather Clark