Eight surfers invited to big wave challenge in Australia

July 27, 2009 | Surfing

Dean Bowen

Eight of Australia's top Pro Junior surfers are set to line up in a world first Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational '09.

This select field of big wave young surfers will be placed on-call for the entire month of August, ready for the months biggest southern Australian swell.

The invited field includes:
Owen Wright (NSW/Association of Surfing Professionals Australasia 2009 Pro Junior ratings leader)

Dean Bowen (NSW/Current Australian and World under 18 Junior Champion)

Teale Vanner (South Australia/South Australia's highest rated Pro Junior surfer)

Blake Ainsworth (Qld/Talented Gold Coast Pro Junior)

Cahill Bell-Warren (Vic/Esteemed big wave surfer from Bells Beach)

Courtney Brown (WA/Fearless big wave surfer)

Josiah Schmucker (Streaky Bay South Australian underground big wave surfer)
Sam Hawke (New Zealand, another underground surfer with big wave reputation).

When the right conditions occur, combining ideal winds and a massive swell, these eight surfers will be flown into South Australia and taken to a remote location offshore reef for this one day specialty event.

Dean Bowen, already a proven performer in big waves at the feared Teahupoo break in Tahiti is looking forward to this unique specialty event.

"It's exciting to be surfing an event that you know has to have huge surf” said Bowen.

"I haven't actually surfed the wave they'll be taking us to but I have heard it's amazing and that it holds any size swell and that has me fully amped and the concept of waiting for ideal big surf is great...I'd much rather surf big waves than small so bring it on!"

Surfing South Australia CEO Steve Reddy commented on the event today saying “ This is an exciting concept and to introduce these great young talents to some extreme waves at this stage of their careers I believe is groundbreaking.”

“Later in their careers they’ll face massive waves in Hawaii and Tahiti  and hopefully this event better prepares them for the challenges ahead and at the same time delivers an amazing spectacle” added Reddy.

The event has also been endorsed by Events South Australia, as it is the ideal way to have the states spectacular coastline shown off to the world.

“With fantastic beaches and some of the world’s best surf, South Australia will be the perfect location for the first ever Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational,” says Hitaf Rasheed, General Manager, Events South Australia.

“It will be a great competition for Australasia’s best young surfers, a good addition to the State’s sporting calendar and importantly it will showcase South Australia through the television coverage.”
A brand new TV Series “Next Wave” fuelled by Fantastic Noodles goes to air in August 2009 on Channel Ten unearthing the essence of grassroots surfing in Australia and introducing our next generation of surfing idols. The Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational will be the ninth and final episode aired on Sunday 11 October at 1pm.

Earlier this year Fantastic Noodles signed a sponsorship deal with Surfing Australia to sponsor the junior state title events in VIC, WA, TAS and SA and the NSW Regional Junior Titles and for the second year running they are the major sponsor of the South Australian, ASP Pro Junior.  The Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational is yet another huge commitment from Fantastic Noodles to Surfing in Australia.

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