"Electric Wilderness!" invades the waves of Indonesia

September 14, 2012 | Surfing
Electric Wilderness: aerial assault in Indonesia

"Electric Wilderness!" is the latest surf movie featuring Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Jack Freestone, Clay Marzo, Andrew Doheny and Dillon Perillo.

The 23-minute surf film was shot entirely on location deep in the Sumatran jungle. Filmed by Ryan Perry and Adam Klevin, "Electric Wilderness!" showcases the best of the new school surfing generation. Deep barrels, huge aerial repertoire and powerful turns.

"I'm really psyched on how it turned out and I think Ryan did an insane job. We didn't get insane waves or anything, but everyone’s told me that it looked like the most fun surf trip ever and that’s all we wanted. I think we accomplished our goal", explains Conner Coffin.

"Ryan is pretty much with us all of the time and does everything for Young Wise Tails for filming and editing side. It was a no-brainer having him along. We just put together the idea and the crew was already there and it came together nicely".

"Electric Wilderness!" is also a surf film about music, natural environment and uncensored behavior by the next generation. You'll easily laugh along with the young surfing crew.