Emotions flow at the 2010 Whalebone Classic

July 10, 2010 | Surfing

Dane Piolo: hanging five beers

Local surfer Jock Bahen (Cottesloe) caused a major upset today when he eliminated current World Longboard surfing champion Harley Ingleby (Emerald Beach) during the opening round of the ASP Longboard Qualifying Series.

Being surfed in trying conditions at Iso’s Reef at Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia, Bahen rocked the crowd when he scored the days highest wave score to go from 4th to 1st and push Ingleby into 3rd.

The heat was eventually won by former World Champion Josh Constable (Qld), who looks set to continue his push for a second world title later this year.

The opening heat saw Jared Neal (NSW) comfortably win when he dominated his opponents from the first wave. Former Australian Champion Justin Redmond (Dunsborough) finished 2nd.

Heat 2 was an exciting tussle with Jarryd Foster (Yallingup) going toe to toe with Jackson Close (Qld) from the opening exchange. After a couple of waves were traded between the two Close managed to hold off Foster to finish 2nd behind NSW champion Dane Pioli. Pioli enthralled the crowd with a mixture of modern moves including a well executed 360 and several brilliant noserides including the days longest hang ten.

The final heat saw young gun Mitch Surman (Qld) finish in front of another Queenslander Matt Aldridge with defending Whalebone Classic Champion 4th.

In the Women’s LQS Australian champion Rosie Locke kept West Australian champion Claire Finnucane in 2nd place in the opening heat while, Melissa Combo (NSW) easily dominated the second heat from Jade Foster (Qld).



Heat 1

1st Jared Neal (NSW)
2nd Justin Redman (WA)
3rd Michael Cottier (NSW)
4th Armando Colucci (Venez)

Heat 2

1st Dane Pioli (NSW)
2nd Jackson Close (Qld)
3rd Jarryd Foster (WA)
4th Paul Thompson (WA)

Heat 3

1st Josh Constable (Qld)
2nd Jock Bahen (WA)
3rd Harley Ingleby (NSW)
4th Lindsay Small (WA)

Heat 4

1st Mitch Surman (Qld)
2nd Matt Aldridge (Qld)
3rd Pat McCarthy (WA)
4th Ben Proudfoot (WA)


Heat 1

1st Rosie Locke (Qld)
2nd Claire Finucane (WA)
3rd Michaela Ross (WA)

Heat 2

1st Melissa Combo (NSW)
2nd Jade Foster (Qld)
3rd Rachael Dawe (WA)
4th Claire Norman (NSW)

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