Erica Hosseini: the stunt surfer

Erica Hosseini enjoys a great life. She's a model and surfer raised in Newport Beach, California. Recently, the pretty girl born in 1987 has been acting as a stunt double for "Ivy" (Gillian Amalia Zinser) on the Beverly Hills 90210 TV Series.

Hosseini loves the Southern California beaches and has collected several NSSA and Volcom titles in her career. had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Erica Hosseini about the stunt surfing work.

How does it work? Is it all about beach life? Let's hear what she has to say:

Does physical resemblance play a major role in choosing a surfing stunt?

Absolutely. The main reason I am a stunt double for "Ivy" on 90210 is because I have the same look.

Blonde, tall, with a similar body, and I can reusable that and make it look like she is actually the one surfing, so I think it's extremely important.

What did you have to change (hair, skin tone, weight, etc.) to play Ivy in the waves?


How is it filmed in order to "cover" the original surfer?

Depends on the shot. If it's a surfing shot, nothing is changed because it's usually filmed far enough away to not notice.

But if I do a close-up, I usually have to look away from the camera as it follows me or paddle with my head slightly down so it's not super obvious that it's not 'Ivy.'

Erica Hosseini: she is another blonde

What are the major challenges of working as a surf stunt?

I think it's a blast. There are really no challenges. You hang out at the beach all day and get catered to the most delicious food.

Get your own trailer to hang out in during the downtime, take a nap, and chill with the other stunt surfers, who are usually my friends. Then, we usually end the day with some Jose Cuervo Margaritas.

It's pretty much the ultimate job with no challenges.

How big was the greatest wave you’ve ever ridden?

I'm not crazy about big waves. Growing up in Newport, it's usually only about 2-5 ft. But, in Australia, I've taken off on some 12-13-foot waves. It's pretty scary, and it's just so out of my comfort zone.

Have you met Ivy? Could you teach her how to surf?

I have met Ivy. She is very nice and outgoing. I'm sure I could teach her if she wanted to learn.

Are you available for future surf stunts?


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